2017 06 07 17 07 859

Virtual connection

The virtual connection of the Shifter’s systems is by far the greatest advantage we have to offer. Due to our state-of-the-art guiding and measurement system, two or more cars can be linked in a virtual manner. In other words: there’s no physical connection needed at any predetermined distance, with a maximum of 25 meters.

By selecting the dual mode’ on the remote control, both cars will behave as one unit. They will follow each other and precisely mirror any movement that is executed by the operator. This is achieved through the use of highly sophisticated lasers which continuously measure the angle and distance between the two cars. From the moment the lasers lock on four unique points of the other car, the angle and distance are safeguarded by clever Shifter software. 

Another unique feature, our 2D scanning technology enables the clever auto find’ mode: regardless of the distance, the cars will find each other. Even better: they also will align with each other in a perfect longitudinal line.