Precise movements

We continuously measure the distance between the two vehicles: this way, we guarantee that the distance between both cars is continuously guarded. Our advanced positioning technology gets fed by powerful ECU’s which provide important parameters in order to obtain the predetermined distance. Furthermore, loads up to 100 tons can be moved with an accuracy of 10 mm in an omnidirectional way.

As an additional safety feature, Shifter can be equipped with a floating table function’. We recommend this when the application requires zero stress. This feature enables loading table A (car I) to move freely in a longitudinal direction. This floating table prevents possible misalignment and corrects any deviation, making sure the payload is floating’ on top of both vehicles. The same principle applies when it comes to lifting loads. Both tables lift (hydraulically, pneumatically or with spindles) the load simultaneously and actively monitor the lifting stroke — applying corrections if necessary.

The newest addition to the Shifter gamma is a split floating table where not only the longitudinal deviation is measured, but also the Yaw rate.

Depending on the user application, the Dual Transporter is available with following lifting configurations:

- Hydraulic lifting table

- Pneumatic lifting table / load-frame

- Spindles equipped lifting table

Shifter uses a color guided optical sensor to ensure the correct transition path. This feature can also be used to automatically guide the transporters around the factory, even in empty drive mode. To this end, the user needs to apply a colored line/​dot on the floor. By using the remote control, Shifter will follow the line: used as a single unit or coupled in dual mode.

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