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Shifter mono

Shifter Mono

The next step in handling & lifting mobility

The Shifter Mono consists of an efficient and innovative drive system, customized to match all the expectations of your project. It’s a textbook example of a heavy load vehicle and lifting solution that transports all the payloads you want. This vehicle comes with wireless remote control, internal compressor and a lifting system. Thanks to the internal battery, it can operate for a long time without recharging.

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The Shifter perks

Shifter mono easy to use

Pallet functionality

The Shifter Mono can work with pallets. Its integrated lifting system allows the operator to pick up and carry a pallet.

Shifter mono precision

50 metric tons and more

Proven technology and satisfied customers with various payloads make for a vehicle able to carry weights going from 5.000 kg up to 50.000 kg! Floor pressure is reduced thanks to its unique wheel setup.

Shifter mono render

For warehouses of heavy parts without cranes

Storage of heavy parts in area’s where no cranes are available. No problem, just pick a pallet and transport it where you want.

Driving direction

The Shifter Mono is able to move in reverse, forward and make curves. The lateral movements you’d expect.

Clean and cost-efficient

The Shifter Mono was designed to be the most cost-efficient and reliable transport system on the market. Its integrated air lifting solution is one of the cleanest solutions available.

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