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Shifter trailer

Shifter Trailer

Brings heavy loads where overhead cranes can't go

The Shifter Trailer was designed to be at its best in different types of warehouses. You could compare it to a platform lift truck, or a powerful forklift, but it’s even better. So how does the Shifter Trailer work, you ask? The Shifter’s Trailer is the perfect standard solution for heavy transport. It is accessible and trustworthy for anyone taking on modest projects, ranging from container transport to global material handling. A vehicle made for every challenge, state-of-the-art and innovative. Setup is a quick and easy procedure, offering more bang for your buck compared to a regular forklift while staying easy-to-use and cost-efficient.

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The Shifter perks

SAM 7496

Heavy duty trailer

The Shifter Trailer is designed for all heavy duty cargo transport & equipment handling. From inside warehouses up to large outsides quaysides.

Shifter trailer

Self-propelled & battery-powered

The Shifter Trailer comes equipped with wireless remote control and a battery-powered traction system.


No cranes needed

The Shifter Trailer comes in handy in areas where there are no overhead cranes available.

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Driving direction

Shifter Trailer is able to move reverse, forward and in curves (left and right). All the movements you’d expect.

Eco-friendly and noise free

The Shifter Trailer relies on years of knowhow, resulting in a system that is eco-friendly and makes no noise at all.

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