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At AVT Europe, we noticed the need for efficient transport solutions able to adapt to different environments in plants and factories. That’s why we have further developed our state-of-the-art transport solutions into standardized vehicles for every range of application or budget. the Shifter line of smart solutions.

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Pioneer in standard heavy load transport solutions

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Shifter Trailer - The best in basic

The Shifter Trailer was designed to be at its best in even the smallest of warehouses. This makes it accessible and trustworthy for anyone taking on modest projects. Setup is a quick and easy procedure, offering more bang for your buck compared to a regular forklift while staying easy-to-use and cost-efficient.

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Shifter Mono - The next step in mobility

Does your project outmatch the Trailer profile, but not enough to justify our most advanced pieces of transport systems? It’s for times like these we brought the Shifter Mono into the fold. We kept the easy setup and cost-efficiency, but we increased mobility by allowing for curved turns and lifting capabilities.

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Shifter Flex - Our flagship system

The Shifter Flex is the pinnacle of efficient and carefree transport. You can move up to 100 tons to an accuracy of 10 mm, with minimal friction and zero stress on the overlying load. Moreover, you reduce the floor pressure and the surface is hardly loaded. In short: Your go-to partner for loading any heavy object.

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Shifter Multi Flex - When the going gets heavy

Building on the success of the Shifter Flex, the next step for anyone transporting exceptionally large and heavy objects would be going Multi Flex. Two — or more — Flex units work together and everything moves synchronously and precisely. Both units find each other automatically, regardless of their positions. This provides the necessary flexibility.

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