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Shifter flex

Shifter Flex

A transport solution for exceptional loads

The Shifter Flex consists of an efficient and innovative system, customised to match all of your project’s expectations. This flagship system is the pinnacle of efficient and carefree transport. You can move up to 100 tonnes to an accuracy of 10 mm. Moreover, you reduce floor pressure and the surface is hardly loaded. In short: your go-to partner for loading any heavy object. The Shifter Flex is the new way of transport: innovative, effective and eco-friendly.

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The Shifter benefits

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Ideal for difficult areas

The Shifter Flex proves its worth in areas where there are no overhead cranes available or where open space is limited.

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Precision omnidirectional manoeuvering

Precise movements of the Shifter Flex ensure flexibility and accuracy. Its powerful and highly accurate drive wheels allow for a steering precision of less than 10mm!

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Minimal friction

Floor pressure is reduced thanks to its unique wheel setup.

Air suspension

The Shifter Flex can be equipped with or without adaptive air suspension.

Rotation direction

The Shifter Flex rotates around its own axis. This makes it easy to manoeuver because of its center point being located in the middle of its frame.

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