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Shifter Multi Flex

Several carts for special loads

The Shifter Multi Flex is designed for efficient and carefree transport of exceptionally large and heavy loads.

Some advantages? Minimal friction and zero stress on the overlying load. Moreover, the two — or more — Flex units work together and everything moves synchronously and precisely.

Both units find each other automatically, regardless of their positions. This provides the necessary flexibility. Extremely handy for container transport or other heavy load transport.

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The Shifter perks

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From 1 to 25 meter

Our Shifter Multi Flex has proven technology to transport payloadsfrom 1 to 25 meters by combining 2 shifter flex systems into 1 system.

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Virtual connection

The virtual connection allows you to control everything remotely: Safely, quickly and accurately!

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Master - slave configuration

Synchronies movements are possible in our master-slave configuration. Even without physical connection our solution remains robust and safe.

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Rotation direction

The Shifter Multi Flex is capable of rotating 360 degrees, thanks to its centered (virtual) axis.

Large option list

The Shifter Multi Flex has a large list of standard options going from adaptive air suspension, rail track wheels, lifting platform, …

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