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Tier One: top-level efficiency thanks to the Shifter Mono

Did you know a single car is made up out of 30.000 custom-made parts? To assemble such an impressive puzzle, car manufacturers rely on subcontractors to provide different types of parts. They are known as Tiers, labelled Tier One, Two, Three and so on. Tier One designs, produces and delivers specialized parts to car manufacturers. One of these Tier One suppliers found its way to AVT’s Shifter with a challenge packed and ready. How can I make the best use of my workshop’s limited space to move moulds from point A to point B in cost-efficient manner?’ Shifter can help out with that.

The challenge

This particular Tier One supplier was sitting on hundreds of car bumper moulds in its warehouse. An overhead crane was set in place to move them around. A way of working which came at a cost: one involving several investments, as well as the need for ample space. They felt the time had come to make a change. 

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A custom Shifter

Our colleagues at Shifter felt the connection as soon as Tier One’s challenge reached them. Shifter represents a whole range of modern transport solutions. Standardized vehicles fit for just about any task. There’s a Shifter available for every budget and purpose. The Shifter Trailer, Shifter Mono, Shifter Flex and Shifter Multi Flex: each one has a different set of perks and USP’s to offer. Tier One turned out to be a match for the Shifter Mono. Why? Budget, convenience, efficiency and maneuverability in confined spaces. What’s not to like?

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The assets of the Shifter Mono

The Tier One molds are heavy – up to 50 Metric tons – to say the least, come in different shapes and are transported on pallets. An ideal setup for the Shifter Mono to bring much-needed efficiency. Thanks to its integrated lifting system, transporting pallets across narrow spaces becomes a breeze. It all happens effortlessly and highly accurate. The Shifter Mono is able to move in reverse, forward and make curves. The lateral movements you’d expect from a vehicle that boasts omnidirectional maneuverability. The Shifter Mono also comes with wireless remote control, as well as an internal battery to enable anyone to operate it for a long time without recharging.

Tier One’s happy ending

Choosing the Shifter Mono meant Tier One never had to invest in a new overhead crane, as well as a new factory, since a new overhead crane wouldn’t fit in Tier One’s current operating space. Thanks to the shape of the Shifter Mono, and its efficient handling, the people at Tier One decided on purchasing two Shifters to provide a permanent boost to the inner factory workings. They’ll always be there to aid Tier One in their goal: to set out on the path of innovation and growth, ever ready to bring the fight to their competitors.

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